Out The Front Automatic Double Action Metal Wolf Knife with Integrated Glass Breaker 5.25″ Closed – Stonewashed Wolf


  • Out the Front Automatic Retractable Blade
  • 5.25″ Closed
  • 3.5″ Double Edge Double Action Blade
  • Metal Handle With Cool Wolf Design
  • Metal Pocket Clip With Glass Breaker
  • Side Switch Button




A wolf in the hand is worth unlimited wolves in the bush. You can’t pull out a bushwolf and wow them with it. You can pull out one of these specially designed wolf handle knifes though. The out the front automatic easy open mechanism with this knife allows for easy deployment of the 3.5″ long blade. Great for whenever you’re in a jam and you need a sharp edged solution. Just flip the side switch button and the blade extends in a matter of mere seconds. Don’t need the blade? It retracts back into the compact 5.25″ full metal handle. The handle includes a built in metal pocket clip and also a glass breaker attachment at the bottom of the handle. The glass breaker can come in handy during: Unexpected car rollovers. Cars being stuck under water with the windows jammed. Emergency submarine evacuations and more!

This pocket knife is available in two different wolf styles: a wolf that’s actually in color and a stonewashed gray wolf for those of you who prefered the 1950s. The stonewashed wolf version of the OTF Automatic Metal Wolf Knife. For those of you who prefer the monochromatic ways of the knife.

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Weight 9 oz